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  •  is the same in PA - Dems especially in Phila (1+ / 0-)
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    do not bother to vote in off year elections.  We have elections every year in PA.  In the odd-numbered years, it is for low interest races such as judges, mayors, county commissioners or DAs.  Hardly anyone bothers to vote.

    In this year's spring Dem primary the statewide turnout was awful.  Turnout was only 9.1% here in Dem-heavy suburban Montgomery county.

    Because so few Dems bother to vote in off year elections in PA, the GOP candidates tend to win.  It is frustrating for those of us who vote in every election - and see the benefit of having progressive (or even moderate) Dems - instead of Santorum-like right wing PA Republicans - as judges, school board members, etc.  

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