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View Diary: Obama at the Missouri State Fair (pic) (73 comments)

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    The ones screaming so loudly here about how bad this is, ask yourself, were you just as outraged when they made the movie about killing Bush?  Were you just as outraged as when people wished Pres. Bush had died in the most vile terms after his latest medical procedure?  Talk about hate, the hate that came from the left toward Bush in these is way worse than a clown wearing a mask at a state fair.  While it was in bad taste, did it actually threaten Obama?  No.  Did the movie called killing Bush actually threaten his life?  A lot more than a clown wearing a mask.  Painting yourself as a hypocrit only makes yourself look bad....if you want to be taken seriously you need to condone ALL violence and hatred, whether it is attacking people on the left or right.  Otherwise, if you want to argue that it is ok to be violent toward one side and not the other, you will lose that one every time.  Think about it.

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