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View Diary: Prominent Russian News Anchor: bury or burn gay hearts (74 comments)

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  •  I would say (11+ / 0-)

    from what I can observe that there is a lot of truth there. Yes, Putin seems to be using anti-gay animus for his own purposes. I don't know that it has much to do with his loyalty to the Jewish community though. It seems more likely he is appealing to Russian Christians.

    •  There's a church alliance involved, although (10+ / 0-)

      less than half of Russians consider themselves Orthodox, and the anti-gay laws have something absurd, like >80, 85% support.  The church is happy to see one of its platforms so widely embraced, and some of Putin's party members are very, very involved with the church, but I don't think Putin himself cares one way or another.  

      Saint, n. A dead sinner revised and edited. - Ambrose Bierce

      by pico on Sun Aug 11, 2013 at 02:53:29 PM PDT

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      •  Exactly. Putin is catering to the Orthodox Church (3+ / 0-)
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        pico, Cassandra Waites, blueoregon

        by promising to make Orthodoxy a pillar of the new Russian National Idea. The Church is so xenophobic it cannot tolerate the presence of other religions in Russia and views all foreign NGOs as instruments of foreign cultural contamination. This xenophobia has in turn led the Church to militant homophobia, because this is the most direct way the Church can prove its "cultural superiority" over the corrupt materialist West.

        Putin is collaborating with all this because it's politically convenient for him to do so at this time. It's therefore crucial that international public opinion should start making it inconvenient for him. But our outrage needs to be directed especially against the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate.  

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