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View Diary: Christian Sharia Law Comes To Tennessee (175 comments)

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    In a sane society, this would happen instantly.

    It's crazy talk to tell parents they can't name their kid after a character's title from that ancient work of fiction some people actually consider a word of a sky deity.

    I mean, I can't name my kid Darth because (s)he is not officially a Sith?

    I can't name my daughter Aes Sedai because she didn't pass the White Tower tests?

    The kid has every right to resent the parent or get a name change if they hate their name. The judge has no right to strike down a name based on a novel about a magic carpenter.

    That judge's sad devotion to that ancient religion has no place in court rulings in a civilized society. Keep it in your house or in your church.

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