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View Diary: Macca's Meatless Monday: One thing I can tell you is that there is a fast solution to climate change (79 comments)

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    Meatless Monday, how about FACTORY meatless every day. The statistics prove that producing meat with crowded factories and feedlots are the world's most destructive system. The energy it takes to grow grains, the pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers poison air, soil, and water. For most of cattle's lives, they're on pasture, however inefficiently they're managed, and only in the last months do they eat grains and stand crowded and filthy in their own waste. Pigs bred for leanness brings out the meanness and their lives are miserable, and their waste flows untreated into waterways and aerates into the atmosphere. Drugs in their food, cattle getting GM growth hormone injections. OK, we've got a major climate problem from the way we produce meat and dairy.

    Critics of meat eating are right on so many levels, but wrong on many others. Did you know that putting animals exclusively on grass, and managing them in a way that mimics how they evolved - bunches of ruminants moving, eating, stomping, pooping and peeing, actually stimulates healthy grasslands? They can restore land that is barren and dry into lush vegetation and water flows again in once-dry stream beds. Just remember before man came along, there was no greenhouse gas problem from grazing animals, in fact their methane emissions were neutralized by subsoil animals that convert methane into useful compounds. There is no faster, more affordable, least likely unintended consequences tool we can use to put GHG's into the soil than Holistic Management Planned Grazing. Cows can save the planet.

    No doubt we should eat less meat and dairy, but we mustn't listen to people who don't realize that nature operates in complex, whole systems and if we just learn to mimic and support them, we can put people to work, produce healthy food and clean up our environment. Close the feedlots and shutter the factories, put animals on soil and watch the planet cool down. Eat less animal protein, but when you do, eat from animals on grass.

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