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  •  As per the CDC in the (0+ / 0-)

    WISQARS reports there were 14,675 unintentional non-fatal firearm injuries in 2011 while in 2010 (latest available data) there were 606 unintentional fatal firearm deaths. The total for all intent non-fatal firearm injuries for 2011 was 73,883. There were 11,708 homicides and 19,392 suicides in 2010.

    According to the BJS from 1990 to 2002 (latest data I could find)

    * Thirty-six percent of violent felons had an active
    criminal justice status at the time of their arrest.
    This included 18% on probation, 12% on release
    pending disposition of a prior case, and 7% on

    * Seventy percent of violent felons had a prior arrest
    record, and 57% had at least one prior arrest for a
    felony. Sixty-seven percent of murderers and 73% of
    those convicted of robbery or assault had an arrest

    * A majority (56%) of violent felons had a prior
    conviction record. Thirty-eight percent had a prior
    felony conviction and 15% had a previous conviction
    for a violent felony.

    Convicted violent felons are among the most serious
    offenders in the criminal justice system. They are
    convicted of violent offenses, such as murder, rape,
    robbery, and assault, and given the most severe
    sanctions. A BJS analysis of felony convictions in
    the 75 most populous counties found that a majority
    of those committing violent felonies had–-

    * multiple prior arrests

    * at least 1 prior felony arrest

    * at least 1 prior conviction.

    An estimated 70% of violent felons in the 75
    largest counties had been arrested previously.
    Seventy-three percent of those convicted of robbery
    or assault had an arrest record, as did 67% of
    murderers, and 53% of rapists.

    Sixty percent of violent felons had multiple prior
    arrest charges, including 40% with 5 or more, and
    23% with 10 or more. About a fourth of those
    convicted of robbery (26%) or assault (24%)had 10
    or more prior arrest charges, as did about a fifth
    of murderers (21%) and a tenth of rapists (10%).

    A majority (57%) of violent felons had been arrested
    previously for a felony. The percentage with a
    felony arrest record ranged from 40% of rapists to
    63% of robbers. Fifty-nine percent of those
    convicted of assault and 58% of those convicted of
    murder had at least one prior felony arrest.

    Forty-four percent of violent felons had more than
    one prior felony arrest charge, and 22% had at least

    Clearly the best indicator of future actions is past performance. I feel pretty confident that a majority of the people who commit criminal violence with a firearm have a prior criminal record of a nature that would prohibit them from firearm ownership. So maybe a solution lies in changing the criteria for what it takes to prohibit someone from firearm ownership.

    You eat a lot of acid, Miller, back in the hippie days?

    by oldpunk on Tue Aug 13, 2013 at 05:33:49 AM PDT

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