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    if I could have waited until I had an actual project to work on before learning something new, the way it was in the beginning when they would train us. I've coded in at least six languages, on six different operating systems. If you can do one, you can do another. The killer was trying to learn things in advance so that you could get hired, and then get the job before the skill was obsolete.

    A lot of this was trying to just keep up with the jobs I already had. Like they'd be building in Datacom/IDEAL and I'd no sooner learned that trying to get on the project when they'd switch to DB2/CICS. They were going to do all their new development in Powerbuilder and as soon as I learned that they decided to ditch it. I learned VB really thoroughly and then the new release came out and it was vastly different. All those books. All that software. All those hours of effort out the window. It makes me sick just thinking about it.

    After I'd been out of work for two years I moved house and downsized. I decided it was time to dispose of everything work-related. That was hard because it was really final. All my books. All my notes. All my projects and samples of work. All my versions of my resume. All gone now. I couldn't even reconstruct my resume if I wanted to.

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