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  •  CNN's "EarthMatters" tv prog about 15yrs ago did (7+ / 0-)

    a terrific segment on a greenhouse for similar [or somewhat similar] purposes in Mexico, & I thought, "great, NOW we'll start picking up speed solving things..."  but i never saw/ heard anything else 'til now [online search capacities a bit limited here].  i still have that segment on tape.  can't play it, but keepin' it anyway.  

    That segment or another in that remarkable program (which AOL killed when they ousted Turner, apparently), touched on gray-watering, and some acquaintances I mentioned it to then showed me their graywater veg garden - laundry water, eco-friendly laundry products.  A few years later i found myself with living quarters in which the laundry drain pipes leaked too much under the foundation to be useable - great opportunity: I found ecofriendly nonallergenic laundry detergent, have been graywatering ever since, garden plants I thought were dwarf varieties shot up triple tall, tomatoes & herbs & onions & grass & trees all loving it, & I save a little water & a little water cost for just a little extra effort.  

    Hope springs. thnx tremendous for the story.

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