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View Diary: Texas Defends Voting Laws: "We Don't Want Democrats To Vote" (177 comments)

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  •  The Worst Thing About Living in a Red State... (0+ / 0-) knowing that at least every other voting age-person that you meet, or who is within sight of you at any given time, is committed to bigotry to some degree. Or else is frightfully ignorant.  Because any person who votes Republican is voting for the party that is absolutely dedicated to eroding and/or destroying human & civil rights, and personal liberties.

        That said, I often remind my friends and neighbors of this (and the quotation is my own) —

        Congress and state legislatures have become tragically adept at eroding human and civil rights, and neither party is blameless in that.  So you need to ask yourself this question before casting your ballot at the polls: “Since some injury to them appears inevitable, and some wounds take longer to heal than others, would I rather have my personal liberties kicked by a spooked 300-pound donkey or trampled by an enraged six-ton elephant?”

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