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View Diary: Post Trayvon/Zimmerman Trial: Right Wing Denial, Patterns of Oppression, and Historical Trauma (15 comments)

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  •  missing the point seems epidemic in some quarters (1+ / 0-)
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    Not a matter of the beating.  Incidents happen.  What one person, or three people, do in an isolated incident certainly matters, but it is small potatoes if it's just an isolated thing.

    The concern here with respect to the case itself had to do not with Zimmerman, but with how the system as a whole responded to the event.

    As I asked above with that irrelevant question regarding three black youths beating up a white youth:  did people condone it? did the law enforcement authorities justify it?

    I assume that all this irrelevancy is offered in sincerity. But the lack of clear thinking is problematic.

    But once again, all this is beside the main point of my article, which has to do with the historical pattern, the traumatic experience, and the utter lack of empathy on the part of many on the right.

    A question for you who are so big on white victimization:  Do you deny that there has been a massive historical imbalance between whites and blacks in America as to 1) which race is dominant, 2) whether that dominance has resulted in massive injustices and injuries done to the subordinate race?

    If you recognize that black people have been historically subjected to some highly injurious history in this country --slavery, Jim Crow/segregation, other forms of racism-- how do you FEEL about that infliction of injury?

    Do you feel pain on their behalf?  Do you place yourself in their shoes and feel compassion for what it might have been like to live through some of that historical nightmare?

    •  the main point of the black youths beating (0+ / 0-)

      the white youth is that no one cared. there was no national media attention. there was no scandal. there were no civil rights leaders making speeches. it was business as usual.

      no I don't deny that there has been an imbalance of injustice in this country... but I also don't give a damn about the past. Historically whites were enslaved by the black moors and no one cares, and almost no one knows, about that.

      The problem with all t his is that you have blinders on that sees history only starting at 1492 when Europe was final starting to get it's act together and act as a colonial world power. In fact, I'd say this is the purist form of white privilege is to see the world as being wholly victimized by your own race when that's not the story of the world. it's only the story of a few hundred years.

      Let's take Hitler for example. he murdered 6 million Jews. He's an awful human being. But is Hitler really the worst? Not really. Pol Pot, a non-white, killed far more. Or what about Genrickh Yagoda, a Jew, who was responsible for at least 10 million deaths in the gulag system that he helped create?

      So why does Hitler get top ranking for most evil man ever to walk the earth? Because we live a society that sees white as ultimate the most powerful people and some how more responsible for their own actions than that of other races.

      That's bullshit. Take off your America centric glasses for a couple minutes and you'll realize that the crimes against blacks in America was relatively brief and corrected at a high cost against those committed the acts by their own brethren in the highest causality war in our history.

      So, no, I'm not going to get emotional over what happened in the past. If you spend every day worrying about what happened yesterday you'll never live in the moment or plan for a better tomorrow.

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