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  •  I totally don't recommend it (2+ / 0-)
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    FG, auron renouille

    for the person who isn't deeply grounded in Ohio elections issues and has the depth of knowledge and sophistication to separate the good information from the wool-spinning "what if" b.s.

    It IS conspiracy theory — not merely "considered' to be be. Both the "secret patch" thing and the thing about Romney's son owning the voting machines not only turned out to be utterly bullshit, but also eclipsed ACTUAL voting issues were were having. They were dangerous distractions that diverted discussion from the REAL voter suppression activities of our secretary of state Jon Husted.

    I don't know who your alleged PhD is, but even PhDs like to write books proposing glamorous high-tech scenarios because they're sexy. If this guy claimed that electronic machines had ANYTHING to do with Ohio's 2004 election, he's full of shit, PhD or not. Yes, Blackwell probably helped steal the election but not in any fancy way: he made sure urban areas and some liberal college campuses had way less equipment and resources than they needed and created insufferably long lines.

    But while we're on the subject of Jon Husted and voting from where you don't live, I hope this article mentioned that among those committing this form of voter fraud was a former Republican Ohio legislator who lived with his family in Columbus but represented — and voted from — another district where he had a home that was clearly not lived in (no electricity, water use etc). This was challenged by Democrats, and our Republican Supreme Court found it was all hunky-dory.

    That legislator was Jon Husted.

    Ed FitzGerald for governor Of Ohio. Women's lives depend on it.

    by anastasia p on Wed Aug 14, 2013 at 08:39:03 AM PDT

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    •  strange comment above (0+ / 0-)

      I mentioned that the voting integrity issue gets a lot of people upset. We saw it with this comment.

      the patch to the voting machine software was verified by the secty of state and there was a court appearance right before the election to challenge the software

      during the day of the election, FBI, Justice Department officials, as well as thousands of attorneys were on hand to make sure that thinks were above board

      Here are a couple of articles from Forbes magazine on the topic

      On the issue of voting machines ownership, the challenge to that was because even though they put in $10M, there was a group involved, not just one person. It was a group of bankers.

      The Ph. D. mentioned in my comment wrote the book "Witness To A Crime: A Citizens' Audit of an American Election", 2008, by Richard Hayes Phillips

      There was an article based on this book and other sources by Robert Kennedy Jr in Rolling Stone magazine.

      Yes there has been controversy about the 2004 election. The software patches for the 2012 election is true. Before the court appearance, a man recently retired with over 30 years of NSA service came to columbus and testified about the patches for the columbus free press people.

    •  Standing by My Work (0+ / 0-)


      I'm the writer for the Columbus Free Press who broke the Ronmey-Hart Intercivic story and patched ES & S voting machine story.

      My editor, Bob Fitrakis, PhD, J.D. broke the 2004 voting machine hack story.

      I'll defend my own work first since I was the primary researcher.  I resent you calling my work "utterly bullshit." as I'm nominated for awards over it.  

      The stories were vetted and cited by Forbes, Business Insider, Young Turks and even a Fox News local station in Cincinnati.  If a negative story about Romney was "bullshit" why would Fox report it and cite my story?

      1) On Romney and the Ownership of Hart InterCivic:
      Romney's friends at HIG Capital owning Hart InterCivic is a fact that is on Hart's website.  The managers of HIG being bundlers for Romney was in USA today.

      Solamere (the Romney family private bank) being invested in HIG is on their website.  Solamere being owned by Tagg Ronmey is a matter of record at the Securties and Exchange commission.

      2)  On Elections Systems and Solutions software patches:

      When we published that story, we published the ACTUAL CONTRACT on our website.  We had requested several documents from the secretary of state's office which they had denied the existence of.  The Contract was leaked to us by a government employee.

      We were sure enough about the facts of our reporting that it formed the basis of 2 lawsuits that we filed, one in state and one in federal district court.  Our leaked documents and other information were presented as evidence under oath.  The suits were dismissed on the basis of the law not requiring testing of the software patches as opposed to the content of the patches or the legality of the contract.

      The judge in the state case did not issue a TRO but said he was willing to sequester all machines based on our suit after election day if there was a discrepancy in the election.

      The documents can be downloaded from our website and are a matter of court record.

      3)  The 2004 election

      Suit was filed over election fraud in this election in federal court.  The 5 year saga is covered on our website.  The suit allegations, transcripts, sworn testimony from Republican operatives on HOW they defrauded the election are a matter of court record in this case king lincoln bronzeville v. blackwell.

      This is where I kindly ask you to retract your statements or produce a single fact that refutes any of my reporting or that of the Free Press.

      Yours in Struggle,
      Gerry Bello

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