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View Diary: The Daily Bucket: Mushrooms Redux (49 comments)

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  •  Lush mushrooms there. The bracket fungi (13+ / 0-)

    are my favorites, I find those concentric patterns really beautiful. Thanks for the treat.

    Our mushrooms are all dormant. Fungi are waiting for the autumn rains. Except the molds and mildews in the garden.

    Cloudy this morning in the Pac NW. Cooler. High clouds starting to break up now, midday. It was clear last night, but saw only one meteor (in a half hour)....back to more typical meteor activity. Been also tracking decomp activity in the bushes around the hot tub, by smell. There's been an increase lately, possibly because of the rain we had a few days ago. Usually carcasses totally dry out at this time of year. I've scouted around in there in daylight but I can't see anything, so I think they are very small carcasses, rodents maybe. It's remarkable how intense a little bit of decomp smell can be.

    Volunteer sunflowers are in full flower now. Lots to come too. The bumblebees are loving them.

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