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  •  Ironic, the Progressive Pentagon! (3+ / 0-)
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    The Pentagon also has plans for the problems to come with climate change, no denial, they have to deal in reality

    •  The Pentagon considered climate change a matter (2+ / 0-)
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      scamperdo, lgmcp

      of national security and needs to prepare for the displacement-border wars.

      Righteousness is a wide path. Self-righteousness is a bullhorn and a blindfold.

      by Murphoney on Wed Aug 14, 2013 at 10:13:50 AM PDT

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    •  Always been progressive (2+ / 0-)
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      scamperdo, merrywidow

      Sorry but anyone who thinks that the military is not progressive doesnt know anything about the military.  

      Universal - single payer - medical care: With he exception of two terrible years I have spent all of my life on this planet being cared for by military health care.  

      Benefit equality:  My medical care is exactly the same as everyone higher or lower ranking than me.  OK, as I have become more senior I have gotten more flexibility on when I go but its the same doctors, same facilities.  I get the same 30 days a year of leave that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs does.

      Pay equality and equity:  Male, female, black, white, brown, other pay is the same for everyone in the same rank and years of service.  And monthly pay for the most senior General Officer is roughly 10x was the most junior private gets, not the 300% or more CEOs get.  In most cases a commander is making no more than 3-4x what his most junior member is.

      Tax free food and shelter:  The military has this crazy notion that the money needed to provide the very basics - food and shelter - should not be taxed.  It means that almost 20% of my pay is tax free.  And food is sold at or near cost.  Another crazy idea that what is needed to live should not be a profit center.

      Free or almost free education.  In addition to the GI Bill while on active duty you can receive tuition assistance as well as fully funded graduate school.  I was given two years off with full pay and benefits to get a Masters Degree with everything (with the exception of books) payed for.  THat was on top of my undergrad being paid for.  I just transferred a year and a half of GI Bill benefits to my daughter - worth about $75,000.  Additionally everyone is required to complete continuing education and receives valuable training from the first day up to retirement.  On average I have spent one year in 4 in some kind of formal education.  All paid for.

      Fair - and equal - retirement:  Everyone qualifies for a defined benefit plan that fully vests at 20 years plus a 401K (TSP) that has the lowest fees in the entire industry.  And its exactly the same for the highest and lowest ranking - no golden parachutes for some and rocks for others.  The retirement plan includes health care for life and represents about 30% of your income deferred for the future.  

      30 days a year of leave from the first day:  No waiting 5 years for a vacation.  It means that everyone is paid for 12 months but only expected to work 11 of those.  And there is no medical/sick leave.  Sick or well, you get paid.  It means that getting sick wont cost you food or rent.  And you dont worry about going to the doctor because you cant take time off work.  

      Preventative care and healthy lifestyle:  I am required to get my shots, clean my teeth, have annual checkups and otherwise take care of medical issues when they are small, not big.  And I am required to work out and stay at a healthy weight.  Free gyms and time off to exercise remove all excuses for staying healthy.  

      Zero down home loans:  No down payment needed but you have to stay in a reasonable price range.  Right now it tops out at $419K - more than enough in all but the most expensive markets - and there are tight controls based on income to ensure no one gets in over their head.  Can you buy a McMansion?  No.  Can you buy a nice house without needing 20% down? Yup.  It teaches RESPONSIBLE home ownership.

      What kills me the most about some of my coworkers is that they enjoy these progressive benefits and think they are how things should be - listen to them howl if a benefit is taken away - and yet they watch Fox and complain about "big g'vmnt."  They are like prisoners  - institutionalized with no concept of how the rest of the world operates.  

      It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it. Robert E. Lee

      by ksuwildkat on Wed Aug 14, 2013 at 02:13:00 PM PDT

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