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View Diary: American Wins Silver Medal in Russia, Dedicates it to Gays and Lesbians (148 comments)

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    FiredUpInCA, kyril

    a moot point. Why are we calling out the US for voter suppression? There are places in the world with far worse voter suppression tactics. In fact, there are places where you can't even vote, which is the ultimate in voter suppression.

    Why are we condemning Texas and North Carolina and Virginia for their treatment of women? After all, there are places in the world where women receive worse treatment.

    Why do we call out labor abuses in the US? After all there are far worse labor practices in other countries?

    Shouldn't we only focus on human rights in countries where the human rights situation is the worst?

    Yes, there are countries where anti-gay governments are worse than Russia. And that means we shouldn't call out Russia, why?

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