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View Diary: Liberal Schadenfreude and "A Day in the Life of the Ku Klux Klan Uncensored" (30 comments)

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    You can bet the NSA has these guys covered like "white on rice" (pun intended. They know what these buffoons will do before they do it. They also keep track of the NRA activists. They know their contacts, they listen to their conversations. Heh. No wonder half the conservatives are up in arms with the liberals on this one!

    It is also for this reason that I imagine a lot of liberals are ok with the spying (a lot not meaning the majority)

    Timothy McVeigh was a right wing terrorist, BIG TIME.

    I think the NSA is not only recording, but listening to and tracking conversations.

    In crime fighting, there is always a money trail.

    Now there is the digital trail.

    The digital trail, with mobile phone tracking (GPS like) and built in bugging, make spying a breeze.

    I am ALMOST ok with all this illegal spying on American citizens, because they are going after small time drug dealers and kiddie porn collectors and keeping tabs on the right wing nutjobs.

    The problem is. They don't go after the big time crooks. The trails have been there for years, but law enforcement is a pathetic joke when it comes to taking down the leaders of the Gangs here in the US, or the Wall Street thieves.

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