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View Diary: Is There a Christian Nationalist Majority in America? (167 comments)

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  •  I think that most of the 15-20% would agree on... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...the point that those trying to establish changes in law based on some group's narrow interpretation of a book that they themselves reject in whole or in part, and thus being a non or quasi-believer, would be a block. They would agree that any movement to make this a Christian nation and enshrining that viewpoint in law and culture is working against the constitution and the clear intent of the framers. A person who is spiritual but not adhering to any established denomination or sect has likely rejected the voice of any formal religious authority.

    There are lots of mainstream believers who also feel that any religious viewpoint needs to be kept separate from government. If the 15% defend their vote as a block it could be enough, when adding most other people who don't want to be told what their morality must consist of, to keep a permanent voting block against theocracy in place. Also non-belief is currently the fastest growing 'religious' group in the nation. And has been for going on a decade.

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