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View Diary: Google: Want Privacy? Don't Use Gmail! (69 comments)

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    Richard Lyon

    All plaintext email is susceptible to sniffing while in transit, which is why it astounds me that there are still "respectable" Internet companies sending out passwords via email.

    As for privacy on Google's end of things (the subject of this diary), I completely agree with you: PRISM has made that questionable. They've always been open about using emails for advertising purposes, but now there are too many unknowns about the government interception equipment on their premises, and because of either gag orders or business embarrassment, they've yet to explain what that equipment is doing on their premises, which makes a mockery of Larry Page's faux obliviousness in his "What the....?" denial post.

    Also, there's been at least one case of a Google employee fired for snooping, and interestingly enough, this was discovered only when the victims of the snooping reported it.

    "Yes We Can!" -- Barack Obama

    by Sucker Politics on Wed Aug 14, 2013 at 11:36:21 AM PDT

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