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    That just isn't how it works. If we pay $30 million to people here to make shirts they spend that $30 million here. About 50% of it goes to taxes, but the other $15 million goes to people doing valuable things here. Then they spend that $15 million and so on.

    Creating a shirt is a productive job. It produces wealth. It increases the standard of living.

    Our problem is that we've moved wealth-producing jobs to other countries. They no longer create wealth here.

    Besides which we should never pay anyone less in another country for anything we use here. I'm fine with shirts being made in Bangladesh as long as their workers are paid our minimum wage and the rest. It should be illegal to make something there and sell it here unless it is made to our workplace and environmental standards.

    Until we get this fundamental concept we will continue to weaken the economy and make it difficult for people here to find jobs. The way to repair the economy is to seal up this loophole.

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