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  •  azer (7+ / 0-)
    "This is NOT the most important issue in our lives"
    People can disagree and/or focus on several issues at the same time.
    •  All issues (5+ / 0-)

      are related to this it's not separate the rule of law, our civil and human rights are the fabric of our democracy. As Carter said we are no longer a functioning democracy. I think this is the overriding issue and is the most important of our lives as it defines the shape of our government and whether or not we are a nation under the rule of law.

      Without civil and human rights we have no protection from the abuses of power and no parliamentary or legal means to address any of  our grievances. Secret crimes, laws, courts and legislation's that render us powerless against whatever the powers that be call a threat to the security of the owners of the place. Why is the TPP a trade treaty classified and secret? You name the issue and it's connected to this anti-democratic corporate NWO. The military/spooks and police are nothing but the enforcers for this NWO.          

      •  Uhm (1+ / 0-)
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        If you think this country no longer has civil or human rights, you might want to visit a whole host of other countries once in awhile.

        I'm not saying the system is perfect.  In fact the FISA court is woefully lacking in oversight power and is in desperate need of reform.

        But every time you and the rest of the Snowden crowd turn up the FASCIMADICTATORSHIP knob to eleven you sound absolutely clueless about actual history.  

        •  This one's a crazy conspiracy theorist obviously (0+ / 0-)

          but that doesn't mean there aren't incredibly severe problems with American democracy.

          •  Are you calling me (0+ / 0-)

            an obvious crazy conspiracy theorist? What crazy conspiracy am I theorizing about?  Is saying that the government is run by and for the profit of multinational corporate entities a crazy theory? Is saying our military intelligence/ corporate neocon foreign policy and endless wars a crazy theory? There are a lot of us and I think I'm in good company.

            These may be crazy theories to you but there is no hidden conspiring going on it's being implemented right in front of your lying eyes.  It's the way forward and the NWO that Clinton said would raise all boats. Free Market global disaster capitalism is not my crazy theory it's the neoliberal neocon ideologues theory that is being implemented by our government. If you call seeing the systemic corruption in our government  and connecting the dots a crazy conspiracy theory your in denial.        

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