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  •  This one's a crazy conspiracy theorist obviously (0+ / 0-)

    but that doesn't mean there aren't incredibly severe problems with American democracy.

    •  Are you calling me (0+ / 0-)

      an obvious crazy conspiracy theorist? What crazy conspiracy am I theorizing about?  Is saying that the government is run by and for the profit of multinational corporate entities a crazy theory? Is saying our military intelligence/ corporate neocon foreign policy and endless wars a crazy theory? There are a lot of us and I think I'm in good company.

      These may be crazy theories to you but there is no hidden conspiring going on it's being implemented right in front of your lying eyes.  It's the way forward and the NWO that Clinton said would raise all boats. Free Market global disaster capitalism is not my crazy theory it's the neoliberal neocon ideologues theory that is being implemented by our government. If you call seeing the systemic corruption in our government  and connecting the dots a crazy conspiracy theory your in denial.        

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