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  •  Good diary - why no H-1B comments? (2+ / 0-)
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    RiveroftheWest, Calamity Jean

    You are ignoring the facts that job visas have, since 1991-1992, taken huge numbers of jobs out of the system for American workers. In that period, H-1Bs have gone from a small percentage to about 25% of IT jobs.

    25% - that ain't chopped liver. That's millions of jobs, gone to cheap mostly incompetent east asians. Not to Americans, who have been laid off in the millions and now cannot work in this industry anymore.

    I unfortunately see a lot of these. I make hiring decision. Competence of H-1Bs is minimal.

    People are beginning to realize more and more that hiring H-1B contractors like Tata is cutting your own throat competence-wise - see the situation with the Orange Co CA tax collection situation and Tata (a major Indian employer of H-1Bs).

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