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  •  However ... (14+ / 0-)

    The I-9 isn't supposed to be filled out until after you're actually hired!

    If an employer tried to renege at that point, i.e. to withdraw an offer of employment, chances of proving age discrimination increase exponentially.

    I know first-hand of employers who, while you're waiting for an interview, hand you a sheaf of forms to fill out, including the I-9 and even insurance enrollment forms.  It is illegal to ask for your date of birth in any way until after you're hired. and both of those forms will do exactly that.

    This is why an employment application will include language that asks "if hired, can you provide proof of right to work in the USA?"  That question is perfectly legal.

    Typically, what's happened is that low level HR staff have put together a package of all the forms that are needed to set up an employee file.  No one bothers to mention (or even be aware, usually) that some of those forms are premature and illegal to require from someone who is only at the stage of applying for the job.

    Note to anyone who encounters this dilemma:
    don't fill out any form that includes date of birth.  When you're handing in the forms you have completed (one will probably be an application for employment and that's the one you should concentrate on), if you're questioned about the un-completed forms, simply smile and say "I'll do those later."

    I"ve been interrupted several times while writing this, so it's taken longer than it should.  If someone else has already brought up these points, that's all to the good because it bears repeating.

    It's not a question of whether our founding fathers are rolling in their graves but rather of how many RPM they're clocking.

    by Eyesbright on Sun Aug 18, 2013 at 11:18:36 AM PDT

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