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  •  But I can see both sides of the coin (6+ / 0-)

    Nothing is scarier than job hunting IMO.  I found myself aged out and dumped from an almost entry level position that had great benefits and used to be a great office.

    As it turns out my employers had the expectation that you should move up or out and I was told that moving up would require me going back to school (I have an BA, from a very well regarded Univ.) and the best I could expect after all that money and effort would be maybe a $5,000 bump in pay.  I should have bailed far sooner but I wasn't smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall.

    I was hired into another crap entry level job in a completely different sector, that rapidly was evolving from a clerk type position to one requiring financial analyst type skills.  Fortunately I was able to grow into what the client needed and thrived.  Unfortunately however some of the folks hired as clerks could not evolve and failed.

    So as it became obvious that the positions needed higher caliber folks, they attempted to hire them.  But many of the better hires did not stick around because if you were good enough to be good at the job, you were good enough to find better.  Me? I also tried to find better but was stymied because I was "overqualified" for the rapidly disappearing entry level slots but apparently not credentialed enough to jump to the next level.

    For me a miracle happened.  That position led to a dream job where the hiring managers criteria weighted my actual job performance higher than outside candidates with postgraduate degrees.  

    Our job market is horribly and cruelly broken.  Imperfect people need not apply and too perfect people need not apply because you will cause trouble.  I live in fear that anyone of us can be thrown the wolves once we age out, so I've been crazy mad about having enough saved for retirement and rainy days.  My current job is very likely secure and not subject to this BS but I'm realizing that my siblings are at high risk and if I can I might need to be their last resort safety nets.

    •  Why we need a labor movement (10+ / 0-)

      that advocates for labor in general, not just for specific unions. We also need a political party that focuses on labor and working people--and labor law (enforcement as well as enactment).

      As an example: the utter exploitation of interns and internships that has expanded exponentially in the last decade or so.

      Another: the number of people working as contract workers with no benefits and absolutely no job security and no promise of work beyond a very short-term horizon (6 months, a year...or less).

      Unionization of specific work places won't address these problems. We need nationwide worker protections and employment policy.

      Skepticism of all the elite institutions, not trust, is what required for successful leadership in this era. Digby

      by coral on Sun Aug 18, 2013 at 12:42:05 PM PDT

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