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  •  Been saying this for years... (8+ / 0-)

    I work in a professional field where unemployment is low and if you have a decent background, you can find a decent job in most low to mid-level positions in a matter of weeks.

    However, the only people you see sitting on the "beach" is folks over 50. Matter of fact, unless you have a highly sought after niche or are extremely well-connected, many of us are pretty much done if we lose a job over that age.

    Many recruiters and others try to explain this away by saying that older candidates want too much. Nothing can be further from the truth. I've seen jobs posted on well-known job sites that ask candidates for years of very specific industry experience, education, professional credentials, years of management, but the advertised compensation is not much more as what many folks are making their first year out of college in my field. One job site in particular, shows how many people have applied and their years of experience. Despite a higher level job that should be paying 2-3 times the advertised compensation in my field, many dozens of highly experienced older candidates still apply.

    Age discrimination is so intense that employers would clearly hire an younger candidate that meets their basic profile versus taking someone that has much more demonstrated value...simply because an assumed chronological number. Why anyone would pass on something with more value for the same cost is mind-boggling. But some of us older candidates have sent out hundreds of resumes or applied via employer websites (that often force one to reveal implied age via year of graduation, etc) to positions where we meet every requirement plus more, and never hear anything back.

    Also, many contingency and retained recruiters will never offer an employer a candidate that has a little gray in their hair unless, again, the candidate is one of the few in their field with highy specific backgrounds.

    Age discrimination is widely accepted, encouraged, and openly discussed in some circles.  It's time that experienced older workers fight for their rights similar to the past and ongoing movements we've seen for minorities, women, and the LGBT community.  Sadly, most older people prefer to stay in the shadows and not rock the boat for fear of becoming unemployable.

    Unfortunately, in today's workpace, many of us older canidates are already unemployable and destined to a future of poverty despite experince, education, and once semi-affluent lifestyles.

    "Self-respect is the keystone of democracy"

    by neverontheright on Sun Aug 18, 2013 at 11:37:39 AM PDT

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