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  •  You hit on one of my pet peeves (10+ / 0-)

    LET IT GO!

    When a comment is hidden, you don't have to attach a comment to it. The people who constantly splash around in hidden comments are often the same ones who constantly complain about how awful some people are.

    The troll hunting and personal fights are a waste of time, and they are energy sucks that do nothing positive.

    And for the record, I've always loved you jbou. But it wasn't long ago at all that many here considered you a troll of the highest order and wanted you banned.

    I've never been afraid to tell you when you're being an asshole, because sometimes you ARE an asshole. What I don't understand are the people who will hold one asshole comment against another person for YEARS, as many did with you.

    And there are others that people don't like personally that I do. I don't necessarily agree with them politically (johnny wurster comes to mind), but I like their personality and that they're at least honest. That's not enough for some people. They're chomping at the bit waiting to get this or that person banned for some slight that happened months ago.

    It's no skin off my nose since I've navigated the choppy waters of this site for several years now. But I do think that it's a waste of time. And more than that, the people who are constantly after other people claim to be doing so for the good of the site, without any self-awareness that this constant hunting and hurling of accusations do nothing positive for the site.

    P.S. I am not a crackpot.

    by BoiseBlue on Thu Aug 15, 2013 at 04:45:26 AM PDT

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