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View Diary: Does America Have the Moral Authority for its President to Make Remarks Like This? (253 comments)

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  •  Of course, we have no moral authority: (3+ / 0-)
    The criminal nature of the American military is beyond dispute. The decades of lawless bombing, the use of poisonous weapons on civilian populations, the renditions and the torture at Abu Graib, Guantanamo and elsewhere, are all documented. As a young war reporter in Indochina, it dawned on me that America exported its homicidal neuroses and called it war, even a noble cause. Like the Apache attack, the infamous 1968 massacre at My Lai was not untypical. In the same province, Quang Ngai, I gathered evidence of widespread slaughter: thousands of men, women and children, murdered arbitrarily and anonymously in "free fire zones".

    In Iraq, I filmed a shepherd whose brother and his entire family had been cut down by an American plane, in the open. This was sport. In Afghanistan, I filmed to a woman whose dirt-walled home, and family, had been obliterated by a 500lb bomb. There was no "enemy". My film cans burst with such evidence.

    But worse than that, I strongly suspect that we were instrumental in initiating the coup that ousted Morsi in the first place. It wasn't until decades later that some of the American public knew of our involvement, for example, in the toppling of Mosaddegh. (It's a measure of for far the country has moved to right, that Eisenhower is now seen as some sort of liberal champion by many Democrats.)

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