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View Diary: KY-Sen: PCCC Goes After Mitch McConnell (R) For Supporting Cuts To Social Security (4 comments)

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  •  Mitch "there's not enough money in politics" (1+ / 0-)
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    McConnell has been prostituting himself to the Wall Street vulture capitalists who have been licking their chops at the prospect of getting access to all of that Social Security trust fund money (through privatization).

    In my opinion, that's why McConnell has taken the unprecedented (and ludicrous) position that he thinks that, not only is money not a problem in terms of its influence over politics, but that he thinks "there's not enough money in politics." It's because he hopes that, with more money from vulture capitalists, he can just continue to purchase his way to office.

    The 2014 Senate race in Kentucky could well be one of THE most important elections over that past 50 years, because it offers the possibility of a clear choice between populism and vulture capitalism.

    If Allyson Lundergan Grimes can make this senate election about McConnell's addiction to money elites...this has the potential to  become a battle royale between populism and vulture capitalism.

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