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View Diary: Update #2 -- Wherein Walmart Shoots Self In Foot (212 comments)

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  •  My Daughter works at Walmart (6+ / 0-)

    She used to be about the only person at the store who gave a shit about anything.  She actually got promoted pretty quickly.
    Now, she gave up her promotion & is just working as a cashier.  She doesn't give a rip about anything concerning the store, and it's because she's paid peanuts, and management doesn't seem to care about anything either.

    Perfect example, at her store, they switch to the night shift at 9:30 pm.  Which means they go down to one checkout line and the service desk with 2 people.  Well, the people who shop at the store don't all of a sudden disappear at 9:30.  She sees people drop their stuff, or leave their cart & leave the store every day because they don't want to wait in insanely long lines.  When people leave their stuff, it's up to one of the 3 cashiers to take care of the stuff, which of course slows the lines down even more.  No matter how much she talked/complained to upper management, they will not keep more cashiers past 9:30.
    If I were running the place, I'd see just how much money we were losing and keep people working until the busy period really ends.  Nope, not these guys.

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