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View Diary: Steve King once again defends his theories on the melon-calved to a cruel and ignorant nation (58 comments)

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  •  Let's make some estimates (5+ / 0-)

    How many DREAMers might be valedictorians?

    From the 2.1 million that could benefit from the DREAM Act, 114,000 already have an associate degree or higher.
    So let's go with that group, even though valedictorians could be one or two years out of high school.

    What is a reasonable fraction of valedictorians in that group, 1 in 1000?  Maybe, I would believe it.  So that gives

    114 valedictorian DREAMers.

    So that means Steve King knows of 11,400 130lb smugglers that would benefit from the DREAM act.

    They would comprise quite a bit of trafficking volume, let's say one trip a week. 75lbs *52 a year.

    Total weight smuggled per year by DREAMers with melon shaped calves =   45 million lbs of marijuana a year!!

    Uh oh, in 2002 the estimate was only 22 million a year.

    So, more then double the actual supply is coming in by foot!

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