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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Second poll confirms Bill De Blasio surge in New York City race (30 comments)

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  •  If we can't do both (2+ / 0-)
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    wdrath, Gygaxian

    then we have a lot bigger problems than one Senate seat.  If we've gone from "50-state strategy" to "pick our one state", that's utterly tragic. Especially since we're not seeing the signs of a red wave next year. I think we have a real shot at bucking history and picking up a few seats in House besides hanging on to a reduced Senate majority.

    In the Team Texas versus Team Georgia debate, I get that flipping a solidly red state is a lot bigger deal and maybe we can't pour resources into both. Georgia is sizable and might be closer, but Texas is game changer. The Republicans will be weakened if they lose Georgia, but they're barely a major party if they lose Texas. If they lose the electoral votes from Texas, they have no hope of winning the presidency, and even the US House gets difficult. So that debate is easy. Texas.

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