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  •  That sounds just like destroying the village (0+ / 0-)

    in order to save it.

    Yep, ban the political party that won the last presidential and parliamentary elections, while you "work on" a constitution.

    This is democracy?

    •  MB was (1+ / 0-)
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      the only seriously organized party when Mubarak was deposed. So they won by circumstantial factors than through real support. The election as well as the MB-written constitution thereafter were rushed through. Reset was badly needed. Egypt should now take its time to create a new robust democratic structure. See my 7-point plan below:

      Also, Zogby's poll found the following:

      Egyptian Attitudes in the Post-Tammarud, Post-Morsi Era
      Posted: 08/10/2013

      Back in May, 82 percent of all Egyptians told us that they had been hopeful at the time of the 2011 revolution. By May that hope had evaporated with only 36 percent saying they were still hopeful about developments in their country. In the July survey, following Tamarrud and the deposing of President Morsi, the percentage of Egyptians who now say they feel hopeful has jumped to 68 percent.


      In fact, the only entity to earn the support of more than 30 percent of Egyptians is the Tammarud movement, which has the confidence of 39 percent of those polled.


      Nevertheless, Egyptians are divided on the matter of how important it is for their country to have good relations with the United States with 48 percent saying it is important and 51 percent saying it is not important. Interestingly the only sub-group in which a majority agrees that relations with the US are important are the supporters of the Tamarrud movement.

      Two-thirds of all Egyptians feel that the US was too supportive of President Morsi. And more than 8 in 10 feel that "Egypt was harmed by the US policy of support for Morsi."

    •  Democracy without Constitutional guarantees is (1+ / 0-)
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      Some anti-democratic parties run in democracies
      with the aim of overthrowing democracies. I believe the MB
      is such a group. Hamas ran and won elections but as soon as they got into power, there were no more elections.
      Do you think Iran is a democracy?
      The most worked up critic of the coup is Erdogan a popular dictator who runs the Turkish MB and who just purged the secular army.

      Egypt has no tradition of democracy whatsoever. Politics is
      a knife fight between MB Hamas types and the police backed by the Establishment. The sooner it is over the better.

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