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  •  The reality is that multiculturalism... (2+ / 0-)
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    Treetrunk, Ian Reifowitz

    as practiced in the world today actually does believe all cultures are equal and in many instances seeks to suppress the person's individual right to expression, thus protecting a religion or culture or ideology as if it was an individual.

    Further, the "liberal universalist" cultural model confronts models in Asia or Islam that believe the rights of the culture (collective) is superior to the right of the person. Thus, is the model suggested conceptually different than the white Christian identity movement the diary criticizes?

    In other words, should the rights of a person always prevail over cultural norms? Is it always wrong to stand up for one's culture, to either be proud or to defend it?

    Indeed, it seems that the "liberalist universalist" model produces so many within that are ashamed of their culture, even as it has given them the most.

    As such, I am confused by this diary, although I agree that discrimination is wrong, and the individual should be the fount of human rights.

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