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View Diary: "The oil money will help keep the toilets clean." (16 comments)

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  •  Well said, and I would add... (4+ / 0-)
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    hannah, 714day, Eric Nelson, Dirtandiron

    It is often said that "we don't have the money" to pay for X, Y or Z reasonable and necessary action or program. But obviously, we do, because all that need be done is to hand over public assets to some company from Texas and voila, here's the money.

    Looks to me that Big Finance, Big Corps, and the 1% have achieved a sort of monopoly control of the political economy, and use that control to make funding available for the general good only on terms increasingly favorable to themselves.

    There's really no reason we should have to put up with this way of running our economy and our country.

    •  Well, I'm not sure that's the way the influence (1+ / 0-)
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      flows. I'm more inclined to the hypothesis that Congress has suborned the financial, commercial and industrial sectors to keep themselves in control. Whereas, in the past, Congress was busy doling out various resource rights to reward supporters, the consumer and civil rights revolutions and citizen awareness have prompted them to increasingly rely on privatized services, military contracts and favorable tax legislation to keep the electorate in tow indirectly. Where voters seem to voting against their own interests, they're often following the directives of employers in an often vain attempt to keep their jobs. That the "red" states are sustained by military basis, food stamps and agricultural subsidies is not a happenstance. Socialism is thriving, but it's not obvious because it is effectively strained through states' rights, religious institutions and other eleemosynary middlemen.
      Medicare is a good example of how the scam is worked. Most of the participants were convinced Washington had no part in it because that's the line Medigap insurance and Medicare Advantage sold. Every year when participants were invited to change or upgrade their plans, the flyers informed them THEIR Medicare was not a government program. Which was/is a half truth. That Washington was paying subsidies to the insurance companies for "managed care," was never admitted. But then, when those subsidies were cancelled because the money was a waste, there was a big bouhaha over the $700 billion "cut" to Medicare--another half truth.
      Congress has gotten very good at wielding power by withholding services. The sequester is just a new name for it. Withholding, in combination with contracts so specific that only one bidder will meet the specifications, enable congress critters to punish and reward the electorate at will. Imagine starving all the children, but one. How to refute that there's just not enough food and, sad to say, hard choices have to be made?

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