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  •  I think the motivations (2+ / 0-)
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    behind that behavior are a lot alike as well.

    Walt, up until the end of the last season, had continued to cook and sell meth even though, financially, he no longer needed to.  But he needed to feel like he was the best at something, needed to feed his pride and his ego.  But he also, in his own twisted way, felt that he was acting in his family's best interests.

    I think Hank, during the restaurant scene, really was trying to help Skyler, in a way.  He obviously doesn't know how deeply she's involved in all of this.  He probably was working under the assumption that she was forced to go along with everything (which, in some ways, I suppose she was).  So bringing Walt down would help her.  In his own mind, I think Hank feels that achieving his ultimate goal and protecting his sister-in-law are basically the same thing.

    Granted, the latter is arguably less deluded than how I see Walt's mindset.  I can very easily understand how Hank could feel that catching Walt at all costs would be the best thing for Skyler and the kids.  But Walt having convinced himself that the kind of danger he's put his family and himself in is genuinely what's best for them is just a whole new level of delusion, I think.

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