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  •  I am confused. Aren't the Koch's the Birchers? (3+ / 0-)
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    GussieFN, HappyinNM, Aunt Pat

    I thought their Daddy was one of the original Birchers.

    I could understand your statement if the goal for the Birchers to drive as many corporatists out as possible, like the Rmoneys, the T Boone Pickens, the fellow who runs Cancer Centers of America, because they might deal, and leave the Kochs, the Adelsons, the Huckabees (the Mammon worshippers), the Wayne LaPierre Gun Nuts and the Forced Birthers to try and pull Amurikkka down to their cesspool level.

    Even then, there are so many virulent strains and they interbreed for greed and profit so it's hard to know the scorecard and teams.  I mean, Palin wants so badly to be a corporatist because that's where the money is, but she's at heart just a small-time grifter and the real money knows not to trust her.  I can't begin to figure out Bachmann.

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