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View Diary: Forever 21 Employees wake up to bad news UPDATE: Company Confirms (141 comments)

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  •  Corp-Obamacare. Just what the corps wanted. (0+ / 0-)

    Which is exactly why the corporations wanted Obamacare.  Dump the responsibility for health care.  Health insurance was tied to compensation during the great depression.  Government had imposed wage caps, so to attract the best, corporations started offering this new thing, health insurance.  It didn't cost a lot, because let's face it, there wasn't much health care by today's standards.  Then as health care expanded, and more options, and more expensive treatments became available, health insurance became more expensive.  By then corporations were stuck with it.  Now the want out.  And most people, having received corporation subsidized health insurance for so long, don't feel like they should have to pay for their own healthcare.  So, we get Obamacare, first step to crappy, second rate, socialized medicine.

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