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  •  Calling No Witnesses, Defendant Rests Case (7+ / 0-)
    KILLEEN, Tex. — Months after deciding to act as his own lawyer, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan declined to present a defense in his military trial on Wednesday, passing up an opportunity to counter hundreds of witnesses and pieces of evidence prosecutors have used to persuade a jury to find him guilty of murdering and wounding dozens of unarmed soldiers in 2009.

    . . .

    Major Hasan, 42, has been charged with 45 counts of murder and attempted murder in a shooting rampage inside a medical deployment center at the Fort Hood base here on Nov. 5, 2009. He admitted to the jury in his opening statement at the start of the trial on Aug. 6 that he was the gunman. According to prosecutors and previous statements Major Hasan has made both in and out of court, he was motivated by two desires — to avoid deployment to Afghanistan and to kill as many soldiers as he could as part of a jihad to protect Muslims from American military aggression.

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