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  •  I don't think "leaderlessness" (10+ / 0-)

    was necessarily the problem. If the critique is that Occupy didn't have enough of an immediate impact on American politics, the mistake may have simply been not getting directly involved enough in the political process.

    First of all, let's stipulate that it's always going to be more difficult to oppose an administration you are allied with. So the Tea Party was always fighting on more favorable terrain in terms of rallying against the Obama administration, while it may have been inherently difficult for progressives to coalesce around that goal.

    Having said that, the Tea Party doesn't have any "leaders" that I'm aware of. It may have corporate backing, but in practice it's largely a disparate network of activists. We can see this in the fact that the issues the Tea Party interest doesn't always converge with the corporate interest, like on the issue of immigration. But it has still been effective precisely because it focused directly on the attacking the levers of power — targeting members of Congress and threatening them with primary challenges.

    This really isn't that complicated - direct enough grassroots anger and money at a member of Congress, and you can successfully pressure them on an issue. I'd love to see a reconstituted grassroots movement on the left that focuses on creative ways to achieve that goal, using technology and social networks. I think it could be quite effective, leaderless or not.

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