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View Diary: 911 Responder Suing the Family of a Man He Shot and Killed on Emergency Call (111 comments)

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    I do know that families should warn officers arriving at the scene if the hostile in question has a history of mental illness or is just having a REALLY bad day. It's not the law, true, but it is nevertheless necessary that the family does their best to arm the police officer with all relevant information before the officer walks on the scene.

    Guys having a really bad day can be talked to... but guys who are mentally ill need to be safely restrained first before any possible talking can take place. If the police officer walking onto the scene is expecting to merely talk down a basically rational guy then yes, he can be put in harms way if the hostile person in question is actually a psych patient. That is a valid complaint.

    If the family had warned the police officer that Mr. Yazar was a violent psych patient then the officer in question would have used different tactics, not have been taken by surprise, not have been forced to fire a gun at the last minute, and Mr. Yazar would maybe still be alive today. (BIG "maybe" tho, yes, I know).

    Still, God knows I sympathize with the family. A tragedy has taken place and no matter how badly Officer Pullen believes he was informed it is immoral to bring a lawsuit into such a situation. Officer Pullen, I assume, was not severely injured despite his long, whiny boilerplate of vague complaints concerning what he wants compensation for in his lawsuit. A good man would have simply walked away from the family and let them grieve.

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