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View Diary: On the false equivalence between "Obama rox" and "Obama sux" (295 comments)

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  •  Disagree - very few mind mere policy disagreement (9+ / 0-)

    It's not mere disagreement over "finer" strokes that fuels the schism, as you suggest.  I would humbly offer that it is the overwrought rhetoric coming from the "sux" that puts the "rox" in a defensive posture.

    Does this sound like disagreement over "finer strokes" to you?:

    1.  Obama is a liar and a fraud;

    2.  Obama is a lying POS;

    3.  Obama has presided over nothing but lies and broken promises;

    4.  Obama is a traitor destroying America;

    5.  Obama is shredding the Constitution and ruining the country;

    6.  Obama is a tyrant and a dictator who deserves to be impeached;

    7.  Obama is a fascist determined to destroy our freedom;

    8.  Obama is trying to destroy our rights;

    9.  Obama is much worse than Bush;

    10. Obama is a murderer;

    11. Obama is going through his critics' records to find dirt on them;

    12. Obama intends on using drone strikes against Americans.

    These are not terms culled from right-wing hate radio.  This is rhetoric from the "sux" element.  Go into any recent NSA diary and you will still find virtually all of this rhetoric and worse getting highly-rec'd, particularly rhetoric of the "Obama is a liar, is worse than Bush, and deserves to be impeached" variety.

    So, you'll pardon me if I do not chalk the current disagreements up to mere differences as to the "fine strokes."  A large contingent here has gone off the rails in their express hatred for Obama.

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