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View Diary: On the false equivalence between "Obama rox" and "Obama sux" (295 comments)

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    FWIW, I am one of the people who uprated that comment.   Here's why:

    Who's flailing more and more every day, and looking like an ass -- or even like his predecessor. >
    I agree with this sentence.   It is exactly what I think-- the administration's actions smack of flailing (for god's sake, we used our muscle to force a search of a South American' President's plane, in violation of all forms of international law).  
    It's pathetic and alarming that they keep doubling down on this shit. Obama clearly doesn't think it's anyone's business what his administration does in secret. Those are Republican perspectives on government, not Democratic ones.  >
    I agree with this as well. The Adminiostration, rather than addressing the various issues head on, keeps trying to have it both ways -- something which various Senators keep calling bullshit on.   And Obama has adopted a Cheney-esque view of the powers of the Presidency and the lack of checks and balances.  

    I'm not exactly being ignorant, here, or just cheering on for the hell of it.   I criticized Bush on various violations of civil rights and violations of international law.   Now that Obama is President, it seems intellectually dishonest to ignore the same sort of behavior I found repugnant previously.

    Ultimately, this is my test:  if I would criticize a Republican for doing something, I will criticize a Democrat for doing the same thing.   Bad policy is bad policy, regardless of who is doing it, and the only way to stop bad policy is to fight it consistently.  

    Now, if you want to know the things I think Obama does well, I'm happy to list them.  I think its wonderful that he is, through the DOJ, pushing hard on voting rights.   I think it is awesome that he has, however, reluctantly, finally embraced gay rights.   I I am glad to see that he has fought back against challenges to abortion rights.   I believe he has picked excellent supreme court justices, although I'd like to see him pick someone with less authoritarian tendencies.   I think that his healthcare idea ended up in the wrong place, but I must admit that he got something through.   I was pleased to see him fight on budget issues, although I'd like to have seen him accomplish a great deal more through hard bargaining, and I think the sequester was a bad idea for him and weakened his position.

    Where he has failed, in my mind, is threefold.  First:  he did not use his first two years to push forward his judicial nominees.   Second, he has repeatedly embraced Repiublican concepts -- Romneycare, the Grand Bargain -- which are an anathema to true progress.   Third, he has engaged in an exapnsive view of the Espionage Act, denied whistleblower protection, and has trampled on privacy rights repeatedly -- a fearful concept for a functioning democracy.   These, combined with his unwillingness to follow through on capaign promises relating to transparency, abortion rights, and worker rights, are the reasosn for my critique.

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