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    We were going to see Fruitvale the weekend it came out, but once the Zimmerman verdict came in, we marched in Oakland instead.  We marched and heard the passion of the young voices dealing with their sadness about Oscar Grant, about Trayvon Martin.  These were the young people for whom this is not a theoretical or political argument, but an attack on their senses and daily life.  Some of them were Cal students, all of them brought home the reality that young black men are at risk morning, noon and nite.

    So we saw Fruitvale last night in a quiet theater with perhaps 40 people there.  Even knowing all to well how it was going to go, it was devastating and has you feel that it's time. It's time to get out on the street, or find a way to recognize a path to support the young black men who are shot by the police and by each other.

     The SF Chronicle front page stated that young black males are as likely to be killed as to graduate from high school.  Prison is the means to keep this cycle going, recirculating and leveling the possibilities of many young african american men before they even get started.

    In the Chronicle story, there is a focus on shifting this consistently alarming consequence with schools in Oakland specifically focusing on these young men by school officials developing a program and charter schools for young black men.  The every day tragedy has to end, and where is our part in having that happen is the question.

    Peggy Reskin

    by preskin on Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 12:09:41 PM PDT

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