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View Diary: Did I just get a threatening Kosmail? (93 comments)

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  •  No, I don't think so. (6+ / 0-)

    I can understand your concern, though.  The fact that anyone responsible for that kind of crazy rambling would single you out for a personal message is of concern, regardless of whether they make an actual threat.  

    The concept of private  area is evil.   Call whatever part of the body one name degrade the  entire body. Therefore the following concepts will also be evil.
    This person seems to object to the naming of body parts.  That's pretty wacky.  How, for instance, could a doctor teach his craft, if he could not refer to the body parts?   And, where in the Bible does it say you can't refer to the parts of the body?   In fact, I recall some passages in the Bible that have specific references to various body parts, so the whole idea is just whacked.

    It is possible the person was objecting to the concept of some parts of the body being more private than others.  This would suggest the speaker is an advocate of unregulated full public nudity, which seems to be a relatively extreme position.  And, it is a particularly surprising position to be found in the context of such fervent religious rambling, which is often associated with requirements for more body coverings like modest dress and head coverings.

    This is an unusual religious claim, not one of the standard ones, so I'm not sure where they were going with this one.

    What it implies to me, though, is that the speaker objects to women keeping their bodies private, retaining control over access to their bodies, and denying access to men, since the speaker believes that "God said 'be fruitful' ".

    People are either good to people or evil to people. Evil will in the end be given an equal reward. Consequently good will also be given an equal reward. God is equal.
    This seems to be a reference to something like Karma.  I really don't have an objection to that idea.   You will be given a good "reward" equal to the good that you do, and an evil "reward" equal to the evil that you do.   I agree with this, to some extent, in the context that, when you are social, you experience social acceptance, and when you are antisocial, you experience social rejection.   Nothing really that controversial in this section.

    I think where the writer and I will part company is in the next section, where we examine his ideas of good and evil.

    Fear that devils have is what created the man made concept of that spoon. God said be fruitful. That is what people do. Do good, get eternal soul life. Do evil,  get eternal soul death. It is your choice. A spoon saves no one.
    Now, we get to the heart of the matter.  This part is really creepy.  
    "Fear that devils have is what created the man made concept of that spoon."
    This seems to suggest that the girls who conceived of using the spoon to avoid forced marriages were infected by "fear that devils had".  

    It is followed by

    "God said be fruitful".  
    This suggests that the writer believes that women should "be fruitful" and attempts to avoid being "fruitful" are motivated by the devil.  

    He then says

    "Do good, get eternal soul life.  Do evil, get eternal soul death....A spoon saves no one."
    In context to the earlier suggestions that a person should be "fruitful", and that the devil created the "concept of that spoon", it seems to suggest that girls who avoid marriage are committing an evil act that will result in eternal soul death.

    By my reading, the person who wrote this is a person who strongly supports forced marriages, and is angry at the use of spoons to attempt to avoid efforts to make girls "be fruitful" as "God said".

    And, that the person who wrote this was bat shit crazy and a misogynist, of course.

    Anyway, I don't think it's a physical threat to anyone.  I think the writer truly believes that God will punish girls who evade forced marriages.

    My own two cents is that if God exists, and is in favor of raping girls, then God is a psychopath, and to be avoided at all costs.

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