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View Diary: Bogus study tries to scare 'Young Invincibles' away from Obamacare (48 comments)

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  •  Even one trip to the ER or doctor... (0+ / 0-)

    ...will rack up a hefty bill.  Really, if you are going to present options to your employees, please also present the actual cost of an ER visit, a check up, a visit for something simple like a strep throat and cough, or a day surgery, any of which might be a surprise event and expense for a younger person. Also show the true added up cost of co pays and deductibles and the 20% most people pay.  Also figure in the difference if EVERYBODY paid into good insurance versus when only the sick people pay into insurance.  

    Last year I had three same day surgeries.  Because of deductibles, the 20%, and co pays, I had a sort of Buy One, Get Two Free situation, paying a couple thousand total, but any additional visits to any doctors is $50 upfront, copay.  The three surgeries were about $15,000, $18,000, and $22,000.  Believe me, this isn't something that a person can foresee.  

    Now I have to pay full freight for my insurance, since I had to switch to COBRA insurance.  Believe me, it is worth every penny.  

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