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View Diary: Bogus study tries to scare 'Young Invincibles' away from Obamacare (48 comments)

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    I was one of those young people who had this kind of policy when I worked in theater years ago, mainly because it was all I could afford to get since my employers (with one exception, where they both chipped in generously and offered good, regular plans that we could afford) generally didn't pay part of the premiums. It was virtually useless. I spent almost as much out of pocket as I would have otherwise (i.e., if I'd been uninsured and not counting what I spent on the premiums) even though I wasn't using it very much. It didn't make real healthcare any more available to me, and I would still have seen giant medical debts from all the deductibles if I'd ever actually had that catastrophic illness or injury. These policies may work for young people who have a well-paid job and can afford to put fairly large sums into an HSA, but for most young people this is not an economic reality. And my experience with this was back in the 1980s, when healthcare costs were relatively lower and decent jobs for young people were much easier to obtain.

    I understand that as an employer you might like to have more employees choose this option, since it certainly costs less for you as well, but it's a very poor choice for them under any circumstances, even when they are as lucky as I was never to need to rely on it.

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    by Stwriley on Tue Aug 20, 2013 at 08:30:42 AM PDT

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