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  •  The will of the voters was not done (2+ / 0-)
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    Vetwife, orlbucfan

    in 2000 or 2004. This country would be much different if the will of the voters happened in either election. A President Kerry would have been pretty good too.

    2000 happened in Florida, and Bush v. gore was a travesty. Gore was the rightful winner.

    But I'm from Ohio so I have a different take on 2004 than most here. I know talk of the 2004 election is doubleplusungood verboten here. There are many reasons there should have been an investigation in 2004, the biggest of which being that Ken Blackwell was in charge of Ohio's election and co-chair of Bush's Ohio campaign. That conflict alone should have been enough to investigate.

    It does bother me that people on this website seem to equate Ohioans with legitimate questions about 2004 with loony birthers and truthers. On presidential election years people from all over kiss our butts for votes, but as soon as it's over they look at us like we just got off the short bus.

    Many here in Ohio feel like people think "Don't listen to Ohio about 2004 or anything, they're just a bunch dumb hillbillies we use every 4 years. New York, California, and DC really know best".

    After Kerry "lost" 2004 and the media legitimized it without investigating the facts, I stopped getting involved in politics until Obama inspired me in 2008. They say that investigating 2004 would somehow ruin the progressive movement and make people not want to get involved. But the opposite was true for me, I lost my faith in the electoral process altogether.

    So I won't talk about 2004 anymore because it's thoughtcrime. But a president Kerry would have been great as well. Katrina would have been handled better. He could have rolled back some of this Patriot act crap before it became permanent in people's minds. The recession in Ohio started years before the "official" crash in 2008, but I think Kerry could have lessened the impact. Things would be much different if 2000 or 2004 reflected the way people actually voted.

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