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    Kathleen Harris was the secretary of state in Florida.  She was not going to agree to a hand recount, and it was reasonably unclear if she had the authority to do so anyway.

    There is no there there.  Frankly the "he didn't ask for a statewide recount" is really a right wing talking point.  Who would the request be made to?

    Gore went to the counties that had Dem Soe's (Supervisor of Elections).  In Hillsborough the SOE made clear she would NOT do a hand recount.  In fact, it really wasn't a matter of Gore asking for it, because the SOE could decide to move forward on their own. Gore had no legal authority to compel anyone to do a recount.

    The lawsuit came after Dem SOE's started their hand recount, and the ruling applied to the counties doing the recount.  THEN that was appealed, and the Fla state supreme court ordered a statewide recount.

    Keep in mind, the hand recounts took place AFTER the state mandated recount.  In fact, some GOP SOE's never even complied with the state requirement to the first recount.  

    What is poorly understood outside of Florida is that Florida elections are run by County SOE's, though this has changed somewhat since 2000.

    What has happened here is that the right made up a story that fit the need for the Nader people to feel as though they didn't matter in the end.  

    The "didn't ask for a statewide recount" is a myth born of ignorance.

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