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  •  I welcome this framework (I criticize your (8+ / 0-)

    diaries fairly often).

    Most of this I can agree with, too.

    Where I take issue is where, instead of moving forward, social justice initiatives end up taking on a militant 'us vs. them--and they are EVIL' mentality.  I don't see this is as helpful.

    What happened with OWS?  It moved from a strong message of economic inequality--which is why it had initially strong support--

    to one of 'fuck the establishment' and, perhaps more vocally, 'fuck the police'.

    It would be like protesting the Iraq war by saying 'Fuck the criminal fascistic military!' (we know that the military is guilty of a lot of excesses--but somehow it's ok to demonize cops as an insitution, but not the military?)  That doesn't make sense to me.  Call criminals out on criminality--but not everyone is out to get us.

    So yeah--work w/the poiltical system for the--as you estimate--15% that you can get done, use other tactics to apply more pressure if you like--but do it in a way that is inclusive--not exclusive.  The latter will just make the country more fractious than it already is--and won't move forward.

    My thoughts.  I'm leaving in a few, so probably won't be able to respond.

    •  Thank you for that input. It's food for thought. (3+ / 0-)
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      bevenro, StrayCat, JVolvo
      •  sure :) (3+ / 0-)

        There are a lot of awful  problems with the system--but there are lots of things that have worked for many, many people as well.  I think one reason that the middle class doesn't really protest that heavily is that--despite the bad economy--the middle class in  this country actually DOES have a lot.  We're a hyper-materialistic society (unfortunately), so I think it's easy for us to lose sight of that--but we end up being somewhat hypocritical in our protests---realizing this, we don't protest as loudly.  

        One area where I wish we would shift focus is to look out for the poor-rather than ourselves.  I think a lot of our 'causes' are pseudo-causes that we apply in some cases but not others--and often in ways that make us feel better about our own activitism.

        How many of us really look out for the people who have NOTHING?  Very, very few--and that goes for the left as well as the right.  I think it's worse from the left--because that's our traditional territory.

        So that's why, rather than rhetorical flourishes and posturing groups against groups, I think that ultimately we need to take a really hard look at ourselves, who we are, and what we stand for--and that's harder than any protest.

        Those are (more of) my thoughts---NOW I'm actually leaving.

        (thank you for the diary---I haven't read most of the comments but this is a useful way for people to talk about things).

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