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View Diary: Is Einstein's Special Relativity Theory Starting to Crumble? (102 comments)

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  •  barleystraw's special case of teleportivity (3+ / 0-)
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    quarkstomper, subtropolis, Cat4everrr

    still working on the draft- there's some naseating details to the proof.

    But the outline is like this:
    * Barry Manilow is Music- he writes the songs
    * Music can be encoded as information
    * this danged encryption stuff is a form of encoding
    * we can apparently transmit Barry Manilow in encrypted form
    * nobody really wants to decrypt Barry Manilow anyway
    * so we're done

    We can't test it because we run the risk that we might end up with a combinatorial explosion of Barry Manilow clones permeating the air waves at all know space and time points.

    That could trigger another "Some Body Done Somebody Wrong" incident and possibly even intergalactic war.

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