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View Diary: Russian Athletes Kiss on Podium to Protest Anti-Gay Laws (65 comments)

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  •  I appreciate this point (10+ / 0-)

    since much of the world kisses each other in non-romantic ways: men/women, men/men, women/women. We here in the US have some weird hangups.

    It is possible that this is de rigeur from a country where same-sex kisses are just part of normal greeting/celebration.

    However, I am inclined to see this kind of thing within a context of protest. Everybody is watching. I can't believe that the athletes don't know that everyone is watching, and that they'll do many covert things - as well as overt ones - as small monkey-wrenches, sabots or other indicators that there is a protest happening at all levels.

    Kisses during competition are different from kisses on the podium. I would expect a "non-protest" kiss of a teammate after the race, NOT on the podium. I never saw athletes kiss each other there!

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